Contemporary guitarist

Soloist and member of various groups.
He is mainly dedicated to contemporary Latin American guitar music. He also teaches, researches and writes.

Style and work

Julian decides to follow a personal interpretative path, elaborating simultaneously to the development of his technical-expressive capacities a careful selection of the repertoire. It is based on a sensitive reflection that questions the role of music today and emphasizes the enjoyment of the sonorous experience of the guitar, in its most varied expressive possibilities. 

By putting in dialogue different voices of contemporary creation, Julián seeks to stimulate an active listening, which invites to leave the conventional places and explore less travelled sound paths.

As a member of the Núcleo Música Nueva de Montevideo, he gave premieres of contemporary Latin American music. He is also dedicated to some of the folk music of Latin America, particularly from Uruguay, Argentina and Venezuela. He has performed in concert in Germany, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico and Uruguay.

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